Sifu Ruined by Mods is the Next Best Thing to Beating the Game

Sifu Ruined By Mods 1

Sifu and Kung Fu Panda are a match made in.. a very strange place.

But watching Dreamworks’ bamboo-munching badass punch Family Guy’s Herbert the Pervert in the face is enough to make anyone’s morning. “Sifu Ruined by Mods” is the work of Toasted Shoes, a YouTuber who specialises in swapping out characters with more unconventional ones and it’s a riot.

Credit where credit’s due, Toasted Shoes isn’t the one making the mods, they come from various sources, many of which are listed in his videos. We’ve covered his videos before; his The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes video saw Shaggy, Goofy and Big Bird taking on an army of insurgent Pingus.

There’s a special kind of catharsis, however, involved in seeing Kermit the Frog and Kung Fu Panda’s Po kick bottom in this latest video. As much as we love martial arts brawler Sifu, it’s a challenging game, to the point where two thirds of players haven’t, apparently, beaten the second level. If you’re in the latter group, sitting back and watching a muppet step up is both is gratifying and embarrassing.

You can find a range of other similarly warped videos on Toasted Shoes’ channel, including a new Resident Evil Village one which turns one of the enemies into a gigantic finger on legs, just don’t expect to be able to sleep after watching it.