Super Dungeon Maker is The Legend of Zelda Maker With Chickens

Super Dungeon Builder

Legend of Zelda Maker is.. not a thing that exists, not officially at least, so it’s fallen to Super Super Dungeon Maker  to step up.

Currently in Steam Early Access, it sees you crafting your own top-dungeons, then exploring them as a sword-wielding chicken, Fink. Yes, they went there. You can craft your own dungeons and then, as Fink, head down there to tackle them or even test them out room by room. When you’re not murdering monsters your roam around a village, with NPCs who’ll give you a pointer or two.

But the real fun should come from testing out other people’s dungeons, once you’ve filtered out all the phallic-shaped ones. We have to admit, we find the prospect of designing Zelda-style dungeons for other people absolutely fascinating, but not for the reasons you might think.

Because, to our minds, a “good” Zelda or Zelda-style level isn’t one that will murder you in five seconds flat. Sure, we expect that messing around with floor tiles and the like will be a lot of fun, but what counts is delivering an acceptable degree of challenge. The “best” dungeons will be the ones that progressively harder, to the point that completing them feels like a real accomplishment.

If you think you’re up to the challenge of creating a challenging dungeon, you can get your hands on Super Dungeon Maker right now. It’s available now on Steam Early Access, with a 20% launch discount making it £9.11. Developer Firechick plans to deliver weekly updates so it should become a more flexible and powerful tool as time goes on.