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Super Rare Mixtape Vol 2

Super Rare Games Mixtape Vol. 2, Available this Thursday, is a Cassette Full of Indie Games

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The second volume of Super Rare Games’ Mixtape series, sporting thirty full indie PC games, is set to arrive this Thursday.

Hang on… cassette? No, you’ve not stepped back in time, the Super Rare Games Mixtape Vol. 2 (to give it its full title) does cheat a little bit. It’s essentially a USB drive in the shape of a full-size audio cassette, so putting it into a cassette player wouldn’t be a good idea.

But we’re absolutely here for its retro vibes. In the interest of full disclosure, we purchased the last volume, titled.. wait for it.. Super Rare Games Mixtape Vol. 1. And once we gathered up the courage to unseal it, cruelly robbing it of its mint condition status, we had a blast just picking through the games, and dabbling in the demo of the excellent Grapple Dog.

This new tape sports six demos on top of the thirty full PC games. Yes, you can download these games for free from Itch.io or similar sites, but it’s Super Rare Games Mixtape Vol. 2’s retro-flashback style, plus the knowledge that the games have been carefully curated, that make it worth having.

The full games are: TFWD, 36 apples, All Our Asias, Alluvium, Cheeky Chooks, Cog Owl, Cyphernaut, Detective GUI, Elementalist: 0, Franchise Wars, Gardenarium, Happy Happy Land, Hinoken, Lycanthorn 2: Rain of Beasts, Ne Touchez Pas 5, Pack a Block, Perfect Vermin, PetWings, Plead with the Mountain God, Postbird in Provence, Runway, satryn, Stargrove Scramble, Starsnap, Static Cling, Sunnyside vs the Eggies, Tadpole Tales, Tailspin!, Windowframe, and Z’s Room. 

The demos, meanwhile, are: Caravan Sandwitch, The Imagined Leviathan, Park Story, Scarlet Hollow, Townseek, and Tracks of Thought.

You can purchase the tape from the Super Rare Games store, starting February 24th (priced at £34.80 GBP plus postage and applicable fees). It’s limited to 2,000 copies, with only two allowed per purchaser.

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