The Sims 4 Patch Notes: 15 Feb Update Adds Wedding Content and More

With The Sims 4′s latest expansion, My Wedding Stories, just around the corner, the game’s latest update is all about preparing for  weddings.

The latest version of The Sims 4, rolled out yesterday 15th February, is version 1.52 on consoles, on PC and on Mac. Primarily, the latest patch adds new outfits, relationship changes and more wedding-based additions, though there’s a host of bug fixes thrown in too.

You can read the full patch notes for The Sims 4 by clicking here. Or keep on reading, where we’ve highlighted the key changes.

Changes for everyone to support My Wedding Stories game pack
  • A new relationship option in Create a Sim: Engaged
  • A new Wedding Venue lot type
  • The ‘World’ music station is now available to everyone, with four new songs added
  • New colour swatches in Create a Sim
  • New Create a Sim items: a bindi, a toddler full body swimsuit and French tip nails
  • Updated clothing with new colours: five dresses for women, two suit jackets for men, a suit for children, a suit for toddlers and a dress for children.
  • In Build/Buy mode, Wedding Arches and Pergola now come in more colours.
Bug fixes
  • Improved performance when switching from Live to Build mode
  • Fences should no longer disappear when hovering a gate over them
  • Playing with genetics in Create a Sim will no longer create teens with crow’s feet
  • Error 142: 9a63747c should no longer appear
  • “Entitlement missing” error should no longer occur
  • Long nails no longer poke through certain gloves
  • Fixed issues causing endless loading screens
  • Create-a-Sim interface should load faster
  • Eco Lifestyle: the world should no longer glitch when in build mode
  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu: Batuu credits should be correctly displayed rather than showing as Simoleons
  • Strangerville: You can now harvest Bizarre Fruits from Bizarre Plants. But, uh, be careful.
  • Tiny Living: Toddlers should no longer have bald spots when wearing certain hair styles.