There’s a Surprise Nintendo Direct Happening Later Today

Nintendo Direct Feb 2022

It’s a me, Nintendo Direct! In a surprise move, Nintendo will today be putting on a new digital showcase.

The Direct was announced yesterday and is set to run for 40 minutes and will mostly show off some of 2022’s upcoming games. How do we know that? Because that’s what Nintendo announced when they tweeted the news out. Why? Because, when it comes to Nintendo, people have a tendency to let their imaginations run wild. So don’t count on seeing Super Mario Odyssey 2, which may or may not exist, announced.

So what can you expect to see? Kirby and the Forgotten Land and Triangle Strategy seem likely, as does Advance Wars™ 1+2: Re-Boot Camp. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is an outside bet, mainly because we’re not expecting to see it till at least Summer.

Twitter is, as you might expect, rife with speculation – our favourite prediction is that we’re going to see a trailer for the Mario movie. A full trailer seems doubtful, but we wouldn’t rule out seeing a clip, or some kind of message from Chris Pratt in an effort to reassure people that he’s not going to be terrible.

The Nintendo Direct will take place today, Wednesday February 9th 2022, at 2PM PT/10PM GMT. You’ll be able to watch it on Nintendo’s YouTube Channel here.