This Elden Ring TikTok Gives the Lands Between an Amazingly Apathetic Tour Guide

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Craig the Tour Guide is back and he’s in Elden Ring!

That might not mean much if you’ve not been following comedian Eleanor Morton but her Craig character, a amazingly apathetic tour guide, is the perfect match for From Software’s latest.

Craig has featured in several of Morton’s previous videos, which you can find on her TikTok channel,  taking people round a whisky distillery, Robert Burns’ cottage and so forth. He’s given the same tour a million times and it shows – he absolutely does not give a toss.

This time around he’s leading a tour of the Lands Between, Elden Ring’s open-world area, pointing out the gloomy landscape’s many notable features. We won’t spoil the whole video, but you’ll be glad to hear that if you miss out on collecting the fragments of the Elden Ring, you can get one piece free with each Elden Ring Meal you purchase. Oh, and don’t forget to fill out the customer satisfaction survey.

This TikTok isn’t actually on TikTok yet, though Morton has posted it on Twitter – it may be that, while it doesn’t state as such, it’s been sponsored by Bandai Namco, like Joel Haver’s video. 

You can find out more about the comedian, writer and actor through her website here or support her here. As for Elden Ring, which is an absolute smash, you can read our review here and pick it up on Xbox, PlayStation or PC.

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