You’ll Dig Two Point Campus’s Newly-Excavated Archaeology Course

Two Point Campus Archaeology

Two Point Campus’ latest trailer shines a light on one of the university sim’s courses, which, apparently, turns your students into archaeologists.

We say “apparently”, because at no point does a student swing around on a whip or shoot a leopard in the face, but maybe those valuable skills come later. It, however, does look like those who enrol on Two Point Campus’ course will be absolutely spoilt, since they’re given a massive dig to practice their skills on.

Publisher Sega hasn’t explained whether, by design or sheer luck, the campus is located on a site of archaeological significance, or if someone’s just burying plastic skulls to make the students feel good. They will dig up “artefacts” which suggests the former, though we’ve seen enough horror movies to suspect this won’t end well.

Two Point Campus is a sequel of sorts to Two Point Hospital which, in turn, was inspired by Theme Hospital. Confused? All you really need to know is that Two Point Campus will offer a skewed, silly view of university education. Culinary students will, for example, learn to cook using massive world’s-biggest-paella size dishes. Yum.

This is the first in series of course reveals, so you can expect to learn more between now and Two Point Campus’s release. You can get your hands on Two Point Campus when it launches this May 17th, on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.