A Mod Lets You Play Marvel’s Spider-Man as a Regular Non-Radioactive Spider

Spider Man as a Spider

A PlayStation 4 mod turns Marvel’s Spider-Man into… Marvel’s Spider.

If you’re scratching your head because you didn’t know that, outside of Fallout 4 and a few other titles, PlayStation 4 modding was a thing, don’t worry. Using mods on the PlayStation 4 requires that you jailbreak your console, which is why we’re not telling you where to find this mod or how to install it.

But, we have to admit, it’s really something. The mod replaces Spider-Man with a regular, albeit very strong, garden-variety spider, but changes relatively little else. It naturally requires that you own the superb, PlayStation exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man but it lets you scuttle around the city to your heart’s content.

The tiny spider is dwarfed by rats, which thankfully have zero interest in him, and the camera zooms in so you can spot him running around on his eight little legs. And, though the web doesn’t quite connect, he can swing around town at will. You can see the mod in action below, courtesy of YouTuber jedijosh920.

The one sticking point (see what we did there) is that when you fight human enemies, it looks a little… off. The teeny, tiny arachnid happily pummels foes who could just as easily step on him. But it does make us want an Ant-Man game so, Insomniac, if you’ve got a spare few years or so, that’d be great.