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Aerial Dragon Battler Century: Age of Ashes is Out Now on Xbox Series X and S

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We’ll never understand how something with dragons could be so utterly mediocre. Thankfully, Century: Age of Ashes is nothing like 2002 movie Reign of Fire. 

It had Christian Bale in it for, crying out loud! Sure, he was a couple of years away from being Batman, but he’d knocked it out of the park with American Psycho. Anyway, Century: Age of Ashes, after launching on PC last year, is now out on Xbox Series X and S.

It’s a competitive online dragon shooter which sees you clambering on the back of a dragon and doing your best Daenerys Targaryen impression, minus the out-of-character mass murder. We got our hands on it last year and had a real blast slaughtering other dragon-riders; given that you can have 4x4x4 team matches, things can get a little chaotic.

And Matthew McConaughey as well… what was he thinking? Did his agent not read the script? Sure, they got paid, but that movie is always going to be on their IMDB credit. Sorry. Century: Age of Ashes is free-to-play, so there are microtransactions involved. The good(ish) news is that, though pricey, they’re cosmetic only so it should still be a level playing field.

Flying a dragon might seem daunting but, as we noted, they’re “wonderful to control, giving you confidence to try and fly through narrow chambers and squeeze through small gaps.” In other words, if you die horribly you can’t blame your joypad. But we can blame Buena Vista Pictures for those Reign of Fire posters that showed dragons razing London, when 99% of the movie was apparently filmed in a quarry.

Century: Age of Ashes is also set for a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One release later this year, though there’s no confirmed date. If you’ve ever felt like descending upon your foes on the back of a dragon and bathing them in a ball of flame, it’s well worth checking out.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to check if there’s a statue of limitations on bad cinema.

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