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Preview: Agent Intercept is Spy Hunter for the Modern Age

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If you fondly remember Spy Hunter, Agent Intercept should be on your radar. Why? Because it basically takes the concept and brings it to modern consoles and PC with snazzier visuals.

In Agent Intercept you’re a member of a special agency, and it’s your job to drive Sceptre, a technologically-advanced vehicle that can transform on the fly. And so, across a story that spans three chapters, it’s up to you to chase down members of a criminal network and bring them to justice.

Jump into a mission and you’ll find that Sceptre automatically accelerates; all you have to worry about is steering, hitting boost and firing your weapons. You need to be mindful of how you use boost and weapons though, as they’re not in infinite supply. Though your boost does regenerate automatically.

The action is viewed from a skewed perspective that proves to be a bit awkward. It’s sometimes tricky to see if you’re correctly aligned with an upcoming power-up or score booster. You also need to be aware of upcoming hazards like mines or boulders that you need to avoid. And you’ll want to aim for jumps due to the power-ups they lead up to.

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Missions are action-packed and have a real sense of urgency. As you hurtle along, team members fill you in on what’s going on, though it’s you in the driving seat that determines if a mission is a success or not. Most of the time your Sceptre will be on land, assuming the form of a sleek sports car. But when taking to a body of water, it swiftly turns into a speed boat. And there are more transformations to look forward to as well.

Whichever form you’re in, the gameplay remains the same: avoid obstacles, go as fast as you can, and take out your enemies where possible. You can do the latter by either firing weapons such as rockets or machine guns at them, or ramming them with your vehicle. It’s simple stuff, but rather enjoyable thanks to the high octane nature of it all.

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Missions aren’t particularly long, but chances are you’ll return to them in order to complete all of their objectives. And as you play through the campaign, you’ll also unlock an additional Score Attack mode and multiple self-contained side missions.

It’s not going to set the world on fire, but we’ve enjoyed what we’ve played of Agent Intercept so far. It’s a bit basic, and we wish we had more control over the speed of the Sceptre, but we’re looking forward to finishing all of its missions. Our only real worry is that it might become repetitive rather quickly. Look out for our full review later this month.

Agent Intercept launches 30th March on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch.

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