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Aragami 2’s New Classic Mode is a Nod to the Original Sneak-Em-Up

Aragami 2 2 (1)

The announcement of ninja sneak-em-up Aragami 2’s new “classic mode” has made our brains hurt.

It’s not that it’s a terrible game; in our review we remarked that “fans of old-fashioned stealth will find a lot to love about Aragami 2. Though we were less than impressed that, when it launched last year, it was in a fairly buggy state.

The new classic mode, available in single and multiplayer modes, can be enabled and disabled between missions. It’s a cool addition which dials up the difficulty but also gives you the ability to flit between shadows. We gave the original Aragami 8 out of 10, so taking a leaf out of its book is a smart move.

What’s made us do a double take, however, is the statement that the classic mode “..pays tribute to the original game”, and the fact that it’s called classic mode. The original Aragami came out in 2016. We’re not talking about some ancient DOS game here. Have we turned into pensioners overnight? We haven’t felt this old since someone told us that the 90s were retro.

If you’ve already got Aragami 2, available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, you should be prompted to download the patch (if it doesn’t auto-download) next time you launch the game. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re heading to Costco to bulk-buy Steradent.

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