Back 4 Blood’s Tunnels of Terror DLC Brings New Activities and Allies This April

Back 4 Blood Tunnels of Terror

Back 4 Blood’s “Tunnels of Terror” DLC, arriving this April, sees you going underground.

Yes, that seems like a terrible, terrible decision, given that the squad-based FPS’s zombi.. sorry, “Ridden” are dangerous enough above ground. But the DLC, which is out this April 12th, sees you exploring all manner of catacombs in an effort to eradicate the Ridden’s hives. What could possibly go wrong?

Aside from this new co-op activity, which developers Turtle Rock Studios has dubbed, er,  “Ridden Hives”, Tunnels of Terror delivers a few other goodies. There are two new playable characters, firefighter Sharice and Heng, a “tough as nails, no-nonsense restaurateur”, who’s better equipped than your average bistro owner.

You can also don some hazmat/army-style outfits, though don’t count on them offering much in the way of protection. Oh, and just to make those tunnels even more comfortable, there are three new “warped” Ridden, the Urchins, Shredders, Rippers. The latter two don’t sound that interesting, but the Urchins can and will lay “landmines” for players, so be prepared to watch your step.

The DLC is part of Back 4 Blood’s Annual Pass, though you’ll also be able to purchase it separately. Turtle Rock and publisher Warner Bros Games have reported that ten million players have played Back 4 Blood since its release last October.  However, that doesn’t equate to actual purchases; Back 4 Blood is free on Xbox Game Pass, and anyone who’s downloaded it and taken it for a spin will count.

According to SteamDB, which only collates PC figures (the game’s available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC), 1,454 people are playing Back 4 Blood right now. But 10,725 people are playing 2008’s Left 4 Dead 2, Turtle Rock’s previous 2008 title. So while ten million sounds impressive, it remains to be seen whether Back 4 Blood will have anywhere near the sticking power of its forbears.

Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror arrives this April 12th, landing simultaneously on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. You can check out our review of Back 4 Blood here.