1These are the best arcade racing games on PS4

Burnout Paradise Remastered 2

It’s often stated that the arcade racing genre is dead. The truth is that it’s far from it.

Games like Burnout and Need for Speed don’t set the world on fire like they once did, sure, but the arcade racing genre hasn’t gone anywhere. Since the PS4 launched way back in 2013, a bevy of arcade racing games have been released on the format, many of them very good indeed. But more than a few of them might have slipped under your radar. So, what are the best arcade racing games on PS4?

Hopefully we can help you with that. If you like racing games that don’t require you to nail the perfect racing line and brake heavily as you come up to every corner, check out this list of the best arcade racing games on PS4. They’re fast and they’re furious, and are sure to leave you with a big smile on your face. Thanks to backwards compatibility, they’re all playable on PS5 as well. So you won’t have to leave them behind when you update your console.

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