1These are the best arcade racing games on Switch

Hotshot Racing 2 (1)

The Switch isn’t the best format for serious racing games, in all honesty. It’s great for arcade racing games though.

In arcade racing games, it doesn’t matter that the Switch’s triggers are digital rather than analogue. And more stylised visuals allows performance to be brought to the forefront. Besides that, arcade racing games are simply more fun. But you might be wondering: what are the best arcade racing games on Switch?

For that very reason, we’ve delved into the recesses of our minds and put together a list of the best arcade games we’ve had the pleasure of playing on Switch. All of these games have our seal of approval – we’ve put time into them and enjoyed nearly every minute. So, if you’re after some arcade racing games to play on your cherished Switch console, give one of these a try.

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