2Pokémon TCG Online

Don’t lie: you didn’t know how to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game at school. No-one at school did. It remained a mystery. We simply liked the cards and their pretty pictures. They were cool. The became even cooler when they were banned, though, as they were in most schools; now we were trading contraband so it was cool and dangerous! But we were all missing out on how fun Pokémon actually was to play. And thanks to Pokémon TCG Online, you don’t even need a physical stack of cards to jump in.

Pokémon TCG Online is a perfect replica of the surprisingly dense card game that you can play on PC, Mac or mobile. There are computer opponents to play against and a whole host of cards to collect.

If you do want to collect physical cards, however, you still can: your goal to “catch ‘em all” is made easier by the new code cards included in physical booster packs that give you digital copies of the same cards. The fabulous link up between the physical and online card games makes this the perfect way to play what is surely one of the best collectible card games of all time.

Download Pokémon TCG Online from the official website