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All of Codemasters’ F1 games over the last few years have been brilliant, but we really don’t know how they’ll top F1 2021.

The first F1 game available on next-gen consoles, F1 2021 looks and plays better than ever before. In Quality mode you get crisp visuals and a fluid 60fps. Switch over to performance mode, however, and those with TVs capable of 120fps will find the extra responsiveness it brings far outweighs the drop in picture clarity. We feel that there’s some room under the bonnet for even better visuals, too, when Codemasters start making F1 games specially for next-gen consoles.

Outside of the technical stuff, there are so many new features in F1 2021 that’s it’s a absolute must-buy for F1 fans. There’s a new Expert Race Style, for example, which open up yet more customisation options including mechanical faults and failures, as well as tweaks to the practice program and R&D systems. There’s a new story-driven mode called Braking Point, too, which is likely to keep you hooked from beginning to end thanks to its dramatic scenes and gameplay scenarios. The best racing games on PS5? This is quite possibly the best.

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