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GRID Legends Review 2

Building on 2019’s GRID, GRID Legends has a lot to offer racing games fans on PS5.

Along with the usual career mode, chock-full of events to complete across a wide range of vehicle classes, there’s a Race Creator, online multiplayer, and for the first time, a story mode. That’s right, assuming the role of Driver 22, you’ll join a team as a newcomer, and then rise to glory. It’s a bit cheesy, as you’d expect, but it’s damn good fun.

What really sets GRID Legends apart from its competitors, however, is its on-track action. The A.I. here is second to none, with your competitors jostling for position, and even sometimes making mistakes. It makes every single race electrifying, especially when you’ve got one or nemeses out for your blood. And so, blurring the lines between simulation and arcade, GRID Legends deserves a place on our list of the best racing on PS5, and also a spot in your games library.

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