Wreckfest 1 (1)

Wreckfest is an absolute gem.

If you’re of a certain age, you might remember the Destruction Derby games released on the original PlayStation console. Wreckfest is essentially the modern day equivalent, developed by the studio that gave us the excellent FlatOut and its brilliant sequel.

Most of the events you encounter as you make your way through Wreckfest‘s leagues are races, but whereas slamming into your opponents is usually frowned upon, here it is welcomed. In fact, the best way to play Wreckfest is to turn the damage modelling up to realistic straight away; it makes each and every event more tense and fraught with danger.

In between all the racing action you’ll of course find the odd destruction derby event, too, where your aim is to be the last man standing or destroy as many competitors as you can with respawns enabled. Wreckfest‘s sheer variety and high-impact action makes it one of the best racing games on PS5. It’s just a shame that those who already own it on PS4 don’t get a free upgrade.

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