1Racing games on Xbox Game Pass that you really need to play

Forza Horizon 5

We hear you like going fast.

Racing games come in all shapes and sizes, from realistic sims and rally-focused extreme sports, to more arcadey games that are all about having fun. And thankfully, there’s a good selection of all types of racing games on Xbox Game Pass.

If you’re a thrill seeker who wants to get behind the wheel of a lightning-fast supercar, or if you want to take a more measured approach where skill, not speed, is required, there’s a game for you. Or perhaps you don’t really care about driving at all, and simply want to cause carnage from behind the wheel of a car? Surprisingly enough, you’re catered for too.

We’ve picked out some of the best racing games you can play on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you’ve got a subscription and you enjoy driving, racing, or causing mass destruction (or a bit of all three), we’re confident that you’ll find something here to enjoy.

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