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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt

Bloodhunt is Coming to PS5 on 27th April

Great news for PS5 owners looking to step into the shoes of a Vampire: Bloodhunt is on its way.

Set in the Vampire – The Masquerade universe, Bloodhunt arrived on PC via early access last year. We had a bit of time with it when it first launched, and were rather impressed with what it had to offer. We praised its setting, and found running through its dark, eerie, narrow streets and jumping across rooftops a real thrill.

But it’s the skills that you possess as a vampire that really set Bloodhunt apart. You may look human, but your traversal skills are far from it. And with several different archetypes to choose from as you play, your own vampiric experience may different from the next.

Come 27th April, Vampire – The Masquerade: Bloodhunt will be leaving early access, with a full release on PC and PS5. Even if you’ve been playing in early access, then, you have a new version of the game to look forward to, with all its features in place as planned.

On PS5, Bloodhunt will utilise DualSense features and feature Tempest 3D Audio. There’ll be two visual settings to choose from: Quality Mode or Performance Mode, giving players the choice of 4K 30fps or 1440p 60fps.

We’re excited to see what the game’s DualSense implementation is like. It sounds like developer Sharkmob has done its best to use all of the controller’s bells and whistles. The adaptive triggers have been utilised to give players the feeling of every attack and weapon, and you can expect vibrations and feedback as you move through the world. More interestingly, the controller’s light has been used, too. It’ll light up based on your team colour or when you’re being tracked down by opponents. It could prove to be a very handy feature.

And so, if you fancy trying out life as a vampire, Bloodhunt will be available on PS5 from 27th April. It’s free to play, although an Ultimate Edition is available for pre-order, which includes additional cosmetics and 1,000 in-game Tokens.

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