Dead Space’s Developer is Livestreaming a Look at the Remake’s Audio

Dead Space Remake

Fancy filling your ears with Dead Space? Then tune in later today for a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming remake’s audio design.

Because as most horror afficionados know, what you hear can just as terrifying, sometimes more so, than what actually slithers, lumbers or leaps into view. Playing Alien Isolation we know that the creature isn’t really in the vents, that it’s just being spawned from off-screen, but hearing those noise above your head is terrifying.

So Motive, the EA studio behind Dead Space’s remake, will be hoping to maximise its use of music and sound effects. The livestream its putting on will give you a glimpse of how they’re accomplishing this, showing off both Dead Space’s audio and its audio systems. Given that the Dead Space remake will see you exploring a monster-infested mining station, even a creak could put you on edge.

Motive has advised viewers to bring headphones, so they must think they have something impressive to show off. We’d like to add to that – why not go the whole hog and just turn out the lights, so the presentation is the only source of illumination in the whole house. You get bonus points if, at some point during the livestream, your cat brushes against your legs and you leap out of your chair.

You can watch the livestream on Twitch or YouTube, today Friday March 11 at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT. In the mean time, why not get up to speed with ten things we already know about the Dead Space remake.