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Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

Destiny 2 Patch Notes: Hotfix Addresses Various Bugs

Bungie has just rolled out patch to Destiny 2, fixing a number of key issues with the game.

The latest Destiny 2 patch notes have landed, detailing the fixes implemented in update You can read the full Destiny 2 patch notes on Bungie’s website, or keep on reading for a summary of the biggest changes.

Ultimately, update is described as a ‘hotfix’, so its purpose is to fix a number of smaller issues rather than drastically change the game in any way. But still, some of these bugs might have been, er, bugging you, and so you’ll be pleased to see they’ve been fixed.

Here are the biggest changes to come with Destiny 2‘s latest patch:

  • Fixed an issue with Europa “Sabotaging Salvation” which was stopping players completing the mission
  • Deepsight tier 3 chest in Throne World has been temporarily disabled since it was being opened more quickly than intended
  • Fixed various holes in Throne World where people were falling through the environment
  • The Lightblade – the Hive boat now always starts up properly
  • Fixed several issues plaguing the Wizard during The Wellspring: Attack
  • Dares of Eternity – fixed an issue where progress could fail during Lightning Round, and UI issues have been addressed
  • Resonant Rune will no longer use a placeholder icon
  • Cataclysm icon size has been fixed so it will properly fix in the HUD
  • Weapon crafting – Triumph counts have been fixed, as have issues with Gambit Memento not dropping for some players
  • Grave Robber has been re-enabled for Glaives
  • Funnelweb will now display correct magazine values
  • Some Vanguard Void bounties are no longer available during Void burn weeks
  • HDR issues have been fixed where some players black levels were turning grey or inverted
  • Ghost is no longer upside down during the cinematic meeting with Caiatl

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