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Doom Eternal Update 6.66 Brings Horde Mode and More to the Nintendo Switch

Are you ready to rip and tear? Doom Eternal’s 6.66 update has finally landed on the Nintendo Switch.

And we do mean “finally”, it’s been nearly half a year since 6.66 hit the Playstation, PC and Xbox. Why the fuss? Because it’s not just a bug-fixing update, it adds a heaping helping of new content to Bethesda and id’s demon-slaughtering shooter.

If you’ve yet to dive into the Nintendo Switch incarnation of Doom Eternal, there’s no time like the present, particularly since you can now get your hands on The Ancient Gods DLC which sees you taking the fight to.. well, we won’t spoil the surprise, but it’s well worth the trip.

On the other hand, if you’ve played it to death and are craving more, upgrade 6.66 adds the following features:

  • Horde Mode
  • Battle Mode 2.0
  • Three new “Master” levels: Taras Nabad, Mars Core, and The World Spear
  • New cosmetics (which have to be earned)
  • A new playable demon, the Dread Knight

The new levels are a welcome addition but it’s Horde Mode that’s really likely to grab your attention. It sees you taking on demon after demon after demon and if you’ve played the rest of the game to death or are craving an almost sadistically tricky challenge, it’s well worth tackling.

Doom Eternal’s 6.66 upgrade is available now on Nintendo Switch, and if it doesn’t load automatically you should be prompted to download it next time you launch the game.

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