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Dying Light Has a Free PlayStation 5 Upgrade With an Xbox Series X|S Patch on the Way

Dying Light has received a patch that, on the PlayStation 5, makes leaping over zombies heads a much smoother experience.

Yes, there’s a sequel out but Dying Light is still an excellent experience and a significantly different one from its recent sequel Dying Light 2: Stay Human. We still dip into it ever now and then and, thanks, to developers Techland, our next visit to Harran should be a lot prettier.

The PlayStation 5 patch, which is out now (and free), adds a variety of performance and graphic modes to the zombie parkour game. You can find the full details here, but the long and short of it is that there are three different graphics modes. Sound familiar? It should, a great many next-gen or next-gen upgraded titles same the same tack.

You’ve got the choice of:

  • Performance mode (60FPS in HD resolution)
  • High Resolution Mode (30FPS in 4K resolution)
  • Balanced Mode (60FPS in QHD resolution).

Balanced mode offers a middle ground between 4K resolution and standard HD resolution. 60FPS/30FPS doesn’t guarantee you’ll get those, you may get some dips in frame rate, but it’s what Dying Light aims for.

Aside from these three modes, if you tackle Dying Light 2 on a PlayStation 5 you’ll automatically get a 25% view distance increase, meaning you should be able to see a little further. And if you have a PlayStation 4 Pro, the patch removes the 30FPS cap.

Hurrah! But.. hang on, where’s the Xbox patch? Techland has stated it’s “coming soon”, so while you may have to wait a little longer, if you’ve got an Xbox Series X or S, Dying Light should shortly be getting a kick in the guts-encrusted pants.

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