Enter Gran Turismo 7’s Livery Competition and You Could Play GT7 With a Celebrity

Gran Turismo 7 Design Competition

Ever wanted to play Gran Turismo 7 with the world’s biggest star? We’ve got bad news for you – Bruce Campbell isn’t involved in Sony’s GT7 competition.

You can, however, win the opportunity to race against Bring Me The Horizon, Davido, T-Pain, Unspeakable, or Grefg. If you’re drawing a blank with any of these names, Bring Me The Horizon are a British rock band, T-Pain is a singer, song-writer and producer, as is Davido, and Unspeakable and Grefg are both streamers.

We’re so cool that we definitely didn’t have to Google any of those names. Honest. Though the question remains, just how do you get to kick their bottoms at the absolutely superb  Gran Turismo 7? First of all, you’ll need a copy of the PlayStation-exclusive driving game. Then, according to Sony, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Design a livery inspired by one of the artists or creators using the Livery Editor
  • Capture a picture of your creation using the Scapes feature or Race Photo
  • Submit your livery on Instagram and/or Twitter by tagging the artist or creator you’ve designed a livery for (Bring Me The Horizon, Davido, T-Pain, Grefg or Unspeakable) and include the hashtag #GT7DesignCompetition

The good news is that each artist/creator will choose one submitted livery, meaning that there should be five winners, each of whom will take on their chosen individual/group. On top of that, each winning design will be showcased in Gran Turismo 7, for a full two weeks. Sony have yet to explain who in Bring Me the Horizon will be taking the wheel, but it should all work out.

You can find out more about the competition here, including the terms and conditions. Since you can upload your own logo into Gran Turismo 7, you can count on there being some very creative designs. Though if you’ve got “Dick Butt” on the bonnet of your car, you’re probably not going to win.

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