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Fortnite Doctor Who

Fortnite’s Creative Mode Now Lets You Explore the World of Doctor Who

Doctor Who has come to Fortnite! Hurrah!

That’s the good news. The bad news is that there’s no sign of any Doctor Who costumes, so you won’t get to watch the Fourth Doctor teabagging Davros. Why? Because instead of a conventional crossover, Doctor Who has arrived in Fortnite’s Creative Mode, as a visitable island.

You can visit the island by downloading Fortnite, on any platform, and visiting island number 3610-1396-4646. You’ll materialise on Who Island (we’d call it Whoville but the Seuss estate might sue) and can roam to your heart’s content.

There are a range of activities you can participate in (the island is made up of five smaller islands), though they mostly seem based around the last three seasons of the sci-fi show. So you can have a box fight in the Kerblam Warehouse (the show’s Amazon parody) and help repair the Tardis and so forth but running around a big quarry is right out.

You can, however, dive into the show’s past with a museum-style tour of some of the Doctor’s enemies, as well as his prior incarnations. In short, if you’re a Doctor Who fan there’s a reasonable amount of things to see and do but it’s a little disappointing that it won’t even let you dress up as the Doctor’s current incarnation.

The island, accessible using island code 3610-1396-4646, is available right now and there’s no news as to when or whether it’ll be removed from the game. You can find out more here. 

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