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Four Video Game LEGO Sets We’d Love to See

Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

Recently, LEGO hasn’t been shy to show us the company’s love for video games.

In a short space of time, we’ve had a brick-built NES, a whole host of Super Mario sets and a Sonic the Hedgehog set. A Horizon Forbidden West LEGO set is on the way, too. We are well and truly spoiled.

We know that LEGO is no stranger to working alongside licensed franchises. Star Wars is one of its biggest properties, with Marvel not so far behind, but it’s also delved into some less obvious places. We’ve had Friends sets, FrasierQueer EyeWinnie the PoohFast and Furious, and more. So there’s absolutely scope for LEGO to work with more video game franchises, too.

It has us thinking: with a wealth of video game properties out there, what other games would we like to see turned into LEGO? We’ve picked out four of the places, characters or scenes we’d love to see brought to bricky life.

The Normandy from Mass Effect

The Normandy Mass Effect

As spacecraft go, few are as iconic as Mass Effect’s Normandy. With its eye-catching, sleek, svelte form, The Normandy would be a fantastic standalone piece for display.

Whether it opens up to show the iconic galaxy map and Joker’s helm or not, the exterior has a timeless, minimalist look and would make for a striking display model. Depending on the size of The Normandy model, a smaller Mako, Hammerhead or Kodiak shuttle could serve as an aid to scale.

Then there are the minifigures. For one, all Shepherd/FemSheps could be accounted for with interchangeable heads or a helmet piece, then a selection could be made from the huge roster of squadmates. You can’t please everyone, but may we suggest Garrus, Liara, Tali, Mordin, Jack and Thane?

Metal Gear Rex from the Metal Gear series

Metal Gear Rex

While all Metal Gear models are created equal, Rex is arguably the most iconic. The Shagohod is too understated, Sahelanthropus too over-the-top and Ray is too round to be satisfactorily built in LEGO. That leaves Rex, the first 3D Metal Gear, to take his place as king.

With a small cockpit that opens up to seat a Liquid Snake minifig, Rex would stand proudly, demonstrating his power and grace as the world’s first nuclear-equipped walking battle tank. Made of LEGO.

Again, a small series of minifigures would pair perfectly. Solid Snake, Meryl, Otacon, Sniper Wolf, Psycho Mantis and Revolver Ocelot, complete without a hand.


With the recent success of the Uncharted movie, surely a LEGO set would be a safe bet, blurring the lines between movies and games even further?

The Uncharted series has plenty of iconic settings, from the first outing’s plane crash, to the sequel’s crumbling building escape, to the third’s Rub Al Khali desert ruins or cargo plane escape. Uncharted 4 has a pirate ship or pirate island, for goodness sakes! Kids love pirates!

Now, crucially, it would have to feature walls with “climbable” fixings for Drake, or maybe a rope to swing on, if we go for the more recent games. Plenty of treasure, too. Who doesn’t love to see little LEGO crowns and goblets?

Once again, an iconic set of characters for minifigures, too: Drake, Sully, Elena, Chloe, Tenzin, Cutter… the list goes on!

Ironically, a rumour did fly around earlier this year that an Uncharted LEGO set was on its way. It turned out to be bogus; it was started by popular LEGO outlet Jay’s Brick Blog as, er, ‘science’ to see how quickly a leak could spread. Very quickly, it turned out. Still, with LEGO working with Sony on Horizon merchandise, we wouldn’t completely rule it out. The reception to the leak was very positive.


We’ve had the NES and we’ve had Super Mario, so we know these retro games are LEGO fans. How about a Pac-Man-themed LEGO set?

A large, mainly black brick back, with a blue border and yellow studs. Pac-Man himself, along with Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde, can be moved and placed anywhere on the set, thanks to an outward-facing “tube”, which gives a 3D effect when they’re positioned.

A score can be placed at the top, with plenty of pieces to commemorate a birthday or anniversary, making every set unique and the word “Ready!” can be spelled across the middle, just below the… I’m not sure actually… “Ghost House”? That sounds right.

A Pac-Man concept was submitted to LEGO Ideas last year, actually, which we loved. Unfortunately, it hasn’t yet got enough upvotes to be considered for production.