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Green Hell: Spirits of Amazonia

Green Hell: Spirits of Amazonia Part 3 Lands on PC on March 29

Today, Creepy Jar has announced the release date of the final part of Green Hell‘s story trilogy, Spirits of Amazonia.

If you’ve kept up with Green Hell‘s development, you’ll know that Creepy Jar has gone above and beyond when it comes to adding new content. Through early access and past the release of version 1.0, Green Hell has continued to expand. We’ve had a new co-op mode followed by a fully-fledged story mode, and most recently the Spirits of Amazonia expansion. Best of all, these updates have all been free to anyone who owns the game.

The first part of Spirits of Amazonia arrived last January, with the second part following in June. It adds a whole new story for Green Hell‘s protagonist Jake, presenting a brand new map, new tribes to meet, new activities and more. Part three is finally just around the corner, with a release date being set for 29th March.

In Part 3, which fans have been waiting for for nine months, Jake’s story will come to an end. There’ll be another new region for players to explore, two new activities along with two new weapons, a pottery mechanic, and four new legends to uncover. That’s just the tip of the iceberg – more new surprises await for those willing to see Jake’s journey conclude.

Watch the trailer for Green Hell: Spirits of Amazonia Part 3 below:

However, if you’re playing on console, you’re currently unable to enjoy Spirits of Amazonia. While Creepy Jar intended to make parts one and two available on PS4 and Xbox One shortly after their PC release, porting the new content hasn’t been as straightforward as the team had hoped. In a statement published to Green Hell‘s official Twitter account last month, Creepy Jar stated that it is still hard at work on getting the content available on consoles, but performance remains a stumbling block.

And so, Spirits of Amazonia will be available on console at some point, but not just yet. The team needs to make sure it’s in the best state possible first. For PC players, though, parts one and two are available right now, and part three will become available on 29th March.

Green Hell is available now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. The Spirits of Amazonia expansion is currently only available on PC, free to everyone who owns the game.

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