Genre: Rhythm
Difficulty rating: 7/10

Thumper isn’t the hardest game on this list, but it’s sure to have you cursing as you screw up and have to retry the stage you’re on for the twentieth or so time.

Described as a rhythm violence game, Thumper is all about music, reflexes and brutal physical impact. As you speed headlong into an endless void you only need to think about one analogue stick and one button, but don’t let that give you the idea that you’re going to be for an easy ride, because Thumper is anything but.

You need to be able to keep up with the game’s breakneck pace to even stand a chance of succeeding, and then you’ve got terrifying bosses to deal with. Thumper‘s nine levels will have you going back again and again, just to feel the adrenaline rush that it never fails to provide.

There’s not much else like Thumper on PS4. It may not be a walk in the park, but it’ll certainly raise your heart-rate in a similar fashion.

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