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Haven’s Free Couples Update Patches in Same-Gender Partners

Haven Couples Update

Planet-roaming romance Haven has a new update, adding same-gender partners to the game.

So, instead of protagonists Yu and Kay being female and male respectively, you can choose to make both characters female or male. However, rather than being an afterthought, developer The Game Bakers planned for there to be more than one couple. Posting on PlayStation Blog, the game’s Creative Director Emeric Thoa explained:

“Originally, the concept for Haven featured eight couples, with a diverse range of relationships. It became clear during production that we wouldn’t be able to reach our initial vision for the full cast of characters, so we focused on two characters only.”

The update, dubbed the Couples Update, doesn’t restore those eight pairings, but it’s a welcome addition to the game. Due to “technical reasons”, the male version of Yu and the female version of Kay are very similar in appearance to the original pair. It probably helped that Yu and Kay are non-gendered names, so a lot of the script could remain unchanged. though new voice actors were needed.

The Couples Update is available across platforms, so you should be prompted to download it when you next fire up the game if it’s not already been auto-installed. And if you’ve yet to step into Haven’s world, you can pick it up on PC, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PS4.

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