How to Beat Glurch the Abominous Mass in Core Keeper

Core Keeper

Looking for some help in beating Glurch the Abominous Mass in Core Keeper? You’ve come to the right place.

Glurch is probably the first boss you’ll come up against in Core Keeper. He’s certainly the easiest, and should be your first major goal when playing the game. You’ll likely stumble across his lair accidentally; he doesn’t live too far away from your starting point. He’s a huge slime monster, surrounded by smaller monsters, living in an area covered in slime. And taking him down can be tricky if you’re not prepared. And so, if you’re wondering how best to beat Glurch the Abominous Mass, hopefully these tips can help.

How to beat Glurch: equip yourself with decent gear

Don’t go straight for Glurch. You’ll first need to equip yourself with a sword, decent armour and some helpful rings and an amulet. A shield wouldn’t go amiss either. Getting equipment is the long game; some of it you’ll stumble across, like rings and amulets. Others you can craft, like a sword. We’d recommend a tin sword, which means gathering plenty of tin ore.

Have a Larva Ring and Grub Egg Necklace

This is purely optional, but having a Larva Ring and Grub Egg Necklace will help massively in your fight against Glurch in Core Keeper. You see, equipping this set means you’re immune to the slow effect that walking on slime has. And that’s a huge benefit in taking down Glurch – getting caught on slime can mean the difference between life and death.

However, finding the Larva Ring and Grub Egg Necklace is purely random. You’ll find them in the Clay Caves area if you’re lucky.

Keep on the move

Don’t retreat from Glurch, unless you really need to heal. Every time he moves back to his starting position, he’ll regain health. So the trick to beating Glurch in Core Keeper is to keep at him. We found moving backwards and forwards, dashing under him when he jumps into the air, worked as a good tactic. As did staying close to a wall: when Glurch lands, he takes out anything in his path. And by taking out walls, he clears ground underneath, which is free of slime. It means you can move easier.

Keep attacking!

You might opt for a ranged weapon like a gun or a slingshot, but we found this meant Glurch retreated to his starting position to regularly. And so, hitting him with a decent sword – a tin sword did it for us – repeatedly worked. Look out for his telltale flash that he’s about to jump/attack, and move out of the way. Then move back in and get two attacks in before needing to retreat again. Repeat until he’s dead.

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