How to Build Bridges to Cross Water and Chasms in Core Keeper

Core Keeper art

Do you keep running into dead ends as you’re exploring in Core Keeper? Here’s how to build bridges to cross water and chasms.

You’ll frequently come against a dead end while digging away in Core Keeper. Either you’ll run into a big body of water, or a gaping chasm that seems to lead to nothing but darkness. Thankfully, there is a way to cross both water and chasms, and it’s dead easy. You need to build a bridge.

How to build a bridge in Core Keeper

You can build a bridge very early on in Core Keeper. You’ll need a standard Crafting Bench which can be crafted from your inventory, costing 8 wood. Once you’ve built and placed the Crafting Bench, you can interact with it. On the right-hand menu, you’ll see an option for Bridge. Two sections of bridge will cost you one piece of wood. A bargain! It’s a good idea to build yourself as many bridge pieces as you can afford, as they’ll come in very handy.

Placing a bridge tile is very easy. Ensure it’s in your quick-access inventory, and select it as your active item. When you’re at the edge of a body of water, or at the side of a chasm, press L2 while facing in the direction you want to build a bridge. That’s it! Keep hold of L2 as you move forward, and you’ll keep building a bridge.


Just be careful when building bridges across chasms and water in Core Keeper, because you don’t always know what’s waiting for you at the other side. A chasm often marks the start of a new area, which can be much more deadly than the one you’re leaving. So ensure you’re prepared, and if in doubt… run!

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