How to Drag an Opponent in WWE 2K22

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When playing WWE 2K22, there will be times where you’ll want to drag an opponent around the ring.

You might want to put your opponent on the ropes, for example, or in the corner of the ring so that you can set up a signature move or a finisher. You might even just want to drag them somewhere a bit more advantageous to yourself, like away from their tag team partner. But just how do you drag an opponent in WWE 2K22?

To drag an opponent in WWE 2K22, first you need to grab them. That’s easy to do: simply press the grapple button when close (Circle button on PlayStation, B on Xbox). Once you’ve grabbed your opponent, you can then drag them around by pressing and holding L1 while moving the left analogue stick.

You can drag opponents when they’re downed, too. Simply grapple them as usual, then press and hold L1 while moving the left analogue stick. It’s a bit more awkward dragging a downed opponent around though.

Just be aware that your opponent can try to break out of your grapple and get themselves free while being dragged. So, you need to be vigilant and quick. Still, make effective use of dragging your opponent in WWE 2K22, and you can give yourself the upper hand.

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