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How to Fast Travel in Young Souls

Young Souls

Wondering how to fast travel in Young Souls? It’s easy once you know how – let us tell you.

In Young Souls, available now on PC and consoles, you’ll frequently have to jump between the “real” world, and the underground Goblin world. Depending on your location, there’s often no way to move from one to the other without fast-travelling. And finding the option to fast travel in Young Souls might initially have you stumped.

Young Souls‘ menus are a little confusing to get used to, with one menu being devoted to your characters’ equipment, and everything else being shoved into what appears to be the system menu. But it’s in that system menu where you’ll find the option to fast travel.

And so, pressing ‘Options’ on PlayStation or ‘Start’ on Xbox will bring up Young Souls‘ main menu. You can use your left and right triggers to toggle through the different areas of the menu – one of those is devoted to fast travel. Toggle to it, and then you can select the area you want to fast travel to. Easy, right?

The option to fast travel in Young Souls doesn’t unlock right away, however. You’ll need to have been playing for around an hour or so before it  becomes available. But once it’s there, you can fast travel between your house, town, the Goblin shopping street and the Warp Gate as often as you like. You can even travel straight out of a tricky dungeon if you want.

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