How to Get Fiber in Core Keeper

Core Keeper

Fiber in Core Keeper is a very important resource for crafting bags, armour and more. But where can you find it?

You’ll likely come across fiber rather early on in Core Keeper, but in small quantities. It’s a fairly rare resource, at least to begin with, and so you’ll find the odd piece in boxes, chests and dotted around. But to get more of it, you’ll want to head to the Clay Caves region of the map.

If you’ve not already uncovered Clay Caves, the only way to find it is by exploring. It’s usually a little way away from the starting area, so work your way outwards until you come across it. You’ll know when you’ve got there, because the ground and walls will be a different colour; a more pinkish hue. Walls are also made of a different material – clay instead of mud or dirt.

In Clay Caves, you’ll find a new type of enemy: small worms who like to charge at you from a distance. There are also bigger varieties of them which can do much more damage. Near bigger groups of these worms, however, you’ll likely find pulsating pods. Destroy these pods before the enemies break out, and you’ll be rewarded with fiber. Killing the worms will also sometimes give you fiber.

Another way to get fiber in Core Keeper is to farm it. In order to grow fiber, you’ll want to plant Grub Kapok seeds, which again you’ll find predominantly in the Clay Caves area. Each seed will grow into one lot of fiber.

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