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How to Perform a Signature Move in WWE 2K22

If you’re playing WWE 2K22 and want to beat down your opponents with style, you’ll want to make use of Signature Moves.

Every wrestler in WWE 2K22 has a Signature Move available to them – using it not only looks cool, but also does significant damage to your opponent. So, use Signature Moves and not only will your fights be more entertaining, but you’ll also have a better chance of winning. But just how do you use a Signature Move in WWE 2K22?

To use a Signature Move in WWE 2K22, you first need to fill all three bars of the blue Special Move Gauge, located just underneath your stamina bar. You can fill it by performing attacks and reversals. Once all three bars are full, a Signature Move can be performed.

To perform a Signature Move, you need to press R2 and the light attack button when prompted. That’s R2+Square when using a PlayStation controller, and R2+X when using an Xbox controller. Each character’s Signature Move can only be performed in a certain scenario, so check their move list to find out what it is.

Some can be performed when both wrestlers are standing up and facing each other, for example, but sometimes your opponent may need to be on the floor, or you may need to be on top of the turnbuckles. In any case, when a Signature Move is available for use, a prompt will appear on the screen. Make use of it, and you’ll be one step closer to victory.

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