How to Plant and Farm Seeds in Core Keeper

Core Keeper

Core Keeper isn’t just about exploring and defeating enemies. It’s also a farming sim. Here’s how to plant and farm seeds in Core Keeper.

You’ll likely come across seeds through the course of starting out in Core Keeper. Different kinds of seeds will pop up in the starting biome of the game, either by digging in the ground, defeating enemies, or by finding chests and crates. But what do you do with these seeds? Well – you can plant them to grow your very own crops. Here’s how.

To get started with farming in Core Keeper you’ll need to make a copper hoe. To do this, you’ll first need to craft a crafting bench. With a copper hoe equipped, you can press the left trigger on your controller in order to till the ground. This prepares it for a seed to be planted.

With a seed equipped, you can then press L2 to drop it on your newly-prepared ground. That’s it – it’s now planted, and with the right care, it’ll grow into a crop!

You’ll need to water your plants for them to sprout, and to do that you’ll need a watering can. Again, you’ll need copper, and you’ll need a crafting bench. Once you have a watering can, you’ll need to find a source of water to fill it up with. Head to the nearest lake, and press L2 at its edge with your watering can equipped.

Then, with the watering can still equipped, press L2 over your crops to water them. You can hold L2 as you walk across your planted seeds – no need to keep pressing the button for every seed.

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