How to Save Your Game in Tunic

Wondering how to save your game in Tunic so you don’t lose any progress? Here’s everything you need to know.

Out on PC and Xbox consoles, Tunic is a gorgeous but challenging action adventure that puts players in the role of a fox. With a large, interconnected world to explore, it’s up to you to uncover the mysteries around you as you progress. And, of course, it’s important to save your progress regularly. Annoyingly, Tunic doesn’t have a ‘save game’ option. So how do you save?

While it may not have any ‘save’ option in its menu, Tunic does, thankfully, have an autosave function that works very well. Select the ‘quit to main menu’ option from the in-game menu, and next time you start, you’ll find yourself back at the last check point you went to.

Checkpoints come in various forms. The main ones are the statues at which your character respawns if they die. But yellow warp squares and hero statues also seem to act as check points. If you quit the game while out exploring, you’ll start back at the last of these three things you visited.

We found it helpful to take ourselves to a statue and activate it before saving, so we knew exactly where we’d be starting from next time we opened up the game.

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