How to Turn Off Your PS5 Console

PlayStation 5 (1)

Shutting down a console should be a straightforward activity, but if you’re new to PlayStation 5 you might be a little stumped. Here’s how to turn off your PS5.

Thanks to the huge system changes between PS4 and PS5, getting used to your PlayStation 5 can take a little while. Options and menus are in different places, and if you’ve just made the upgrade, don’t worry if you don’t quite know how to do everything yet. One of the most important things you need to know, though, is how to turn off your PS5.

If you were a previous PS4 user, you’ll probably be used to holding down the ‘PS’ button in the middle of your controller. That doesn’t work in the same way on PS5. Instead, to shut down your console, you need to tap the ‘PS’ button on your DualSense controller just once. That will bring up a system menu overlaid on your screen. Use your controller to navigate down to the bottom row of icons.

Enter Rest Mode or Turn Off PS5

Right at the end of that row, you’ll see a ‘power’ icon. Press this, and you’ll be presented with three options:  Enter Rest Mode, Turn Off PS5, and Restart PS5.

Restarting is helpful if you’re experiencing issues with your console or a game, but we’re concerned with turning off your PS5 right now. For that, you can choose one of the remaining two options.

  • Enter Rest Mode: Choose this if you want to put your PS5 into a state of ‘sleep’. Here, your console will continue to download in the background, receive updates, charge your controller, and keep any game open that you’ve left suspended.
  • Turn Off PS5: Choosing this option fully shuts down your console. It will close any games you’ve got open, and if your PS5 is in Turn Off mode, you won’t be able to continue to download. This is the option to choose if you need to unplug your console from the mains for any reason.

Which option you choose depends on your preferences and the reason you need to turn off your console. If you use it regularly, then using ‘rest mode’ is recommended. But make sure you fully turn off any time you need to unplug your console.

Turn off your PlayStation 5 without a controller

If you need to turn off your PS5 but don’t have a controller available, you can do so with the power button on your console. You’ll find it on the left-hand side of your console if its horizontal, or if it’s vertical it’ll be near the bottom. On a digital-only console, this is the only button. If you have a disc drive console, it’ll be next to the ‘eject’ button – the power button is the longer of the two. Hold it down until you hear one beep, and your console will be put into rest mode. Hold it down until you hear a second beep, and your PS5 will be fully turned off.

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