How to Turn Off Your PS5’s Controller Microphone


By default, the microphone on your PS5 controller is turned on. Here’s how to toggle it off, or disable it permanently.

The DualSense – the first-party controller that ships with every new PS5 – has a lot of bells and whistles on it. It’s one of our favourite controllers in fact, thanks to how pleasant it is to hold, the adaptive triggers, and the advanced feedback it provides. It also has a built-in speaker and microphone combination. Both can be helpful, but you don’t always want your console to be listening to you. Here’s how to turn off your PS5 controller’s microphone.

In the middle of your thumbsticks on your DualSense controller, you’ll find a long, thin button. This is for the microphone. Press it, and it’ll highlight in yellow. When it’s glowing, this means your mic is disabled. Press it again, and your mic will come back on. A notification will pop up on your TV screen which corresponds with what setting you have.

However, by default, the next time you start your PS5, the microphone will be enabled again. If you want to turn it off by default, you’ll have to head into your PS5 settings.

To get into settings, head into the ‘cog’ symbol which you’ll find in the top right of your home screen. From there, navigate to ‘Sound’, then ‘Microphone’. In the Microphone menu, you’ll see an option that says “Microphone Status When Logged In”. Turn this option to ‘Off’. That’s it: now your microphone will be muted the next time you log into your PS5.

Be aware that this option is per account and per console. If you log into multiple consoles, you’ll need to change the setting on each console. Each user the same console will also have to individually change the option, too.

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