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How to Use the Grappling Hook in Shadow Warrior 3

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Like Lo Wang points out in Shadow Warrior 3, every game needs a grappling hook these days if it wants to be cool.

You obtain the grappling hook early on in Shadow Warrior 3, and from then on it becomes fairly critical to your progress. The game doesn’t do a particularly good job of telling you how to use it, however.

The use the grappling hook in Shadow Warrior 3, you basically just have to press the Triangle button if you’re playing with a PlayStation controller, the Y button if you’re playing with an Xbox controller, or the E key if you’re playing with a keyboard. But the grappling hook will only work in certain situations.

One of those situations is when you’re aiming at a bright green hoop. You’ll find them all over the place in Shadow Warrior 3 – in combat arenas, and in the platforming sections between. Point your crosshairs at one, press the grappling hook button, and Wang will swing from it, allowing him to cross large gaps and move quickly from one place to another. It can even help you find some secrets.

You might not be aware, but the grappling hook can also be used to pull yourself towards certain enemies. If you notice an icon appearing when you point your crosshairs at an enemy, that means you can grapple them. Press the grappling hook button and you’ll fly at them with speed. Follow up the manoeuvre with some slices from your katana, or simply use it to move around the battlefield. It’s up to you.

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