Newly-Launched MMORPG Lost Ark Has Racked Up Over 10 Million Western Players

Lost Ark

10 million people have played the western version of Lost Ark which, given that the PC MMORPG launched in the West just last month, is quite something.

It wasn’t entirely unexpected, however. Yes, it did have a few teething problems, but the game is hugely popular elsewhere in the world (it was launched in 2019) so publishers Amazon could probably guess it was going to do well. They threw a fair amount of money at getting it translated and on top of that there’s the cost of keeping the servers going and adding new servers when, as happened on launch day, there was just too much demand.

Coupled with the existing players, that makes a total over 20 million players. However, since it’s a free game, half of those 20 million players could have installed it, played it once and decided it wasn’t for them, and then deleted it. So it’s not necessarily a great indicator of ongoing player engagement.

But, as confirmed by SteamDB, Lost Ark has hit 1,325,305 concurrent players and, right now, there are 619,673 people playing it. That, more than total players, is fair indication of just how many people are actively playing Lost Ark. To put things in perspective, that’s only slightly less than Elden Ring’s 689,153 and way, way above Destiny 2’s 80,467.

In short, an awful lot people are playing Lost Ark. Whether they’ll still be playing it six months from now remains to be seen but developers Smilegate have a lot to sm..  be happy about. If you want to take the plunge you can download Lost Ark from Steam here.