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Noblechairs Hero TX review

Noblechairs Hero TX Review: A Revolution For Your Back and Bum

It’s going to be hard for me to talk about the Noblechairs Hero TX in a measured, reasonable way.

Why? Because quite frankly, I love this chair. It may be the most comfortable thing I’ve ever sat on. And I’m not sure you’ll be able to take my review seriously when I’m going to be quite so wax-lyrical about it. If it helps to convince you, this chair was sat in a box in my entrance way a while before I found the time or inclination to build it. A fact I’m now frustrated with, because that’s extra time of premium back and butt comfort I could have been enjoying. It’s finally set up in my office, though, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

I’m now actually happy to spend time at my desk, just because it’s so damn comfortable. So not only is it great for my posture, it’s also great for my productivity levels, too. Win win.

My previous chair wasn’t exactly uncomfortable. It was some generic mesh-backed office chair from Amazon, and it was fine. It did the job; I sat at my desk and didn’t experience any major discomfort or backache. But after having two weeks sat in my Noblechairs Hero TX, I can’t imagine ever sitting in anything else.

Here’s the down side: Noblechairs products aren’t cheap. The Hero TX comes in at £364.99, though you can pay more if you want a branded (Elden Ring! DOOM!) synthetic leather version, or way more for a real leather version. Fabric was the best choice for me; living with two cats means that leather things get ripped to shreds. And quickly. Going for fabric doesn’t mean skimping on quality either – the finish of the chair is a lovely, soft material, almost velvety to the touch. It’s hard-wearing, and isn’t going to tear or mark easily.

Noblechairs Hero TX review

Putting the Hero TX together was fairly straightforward. It’s doable by yourself, but it’s helpful to have a second pair of hands available to hold pieces in place while you screw them together. It took around 40 minutes in all, and thanks to clear instructions and well-made parts, it went together very smoothly. Perhaps the hardest part is, once it’s all constructed, learning what all of the bells and whistles do.

The Noblechairs Hero TX has a lot of levers and adjustable bits and bobs on it. Each armrest has three buttons of its own: one to lift it up and down, another to slide forwards and backwards and tilt inwards, and a third to move in and out. Two levers under the chair adjust the height and the tilt, and a lever at the side adjusts the position of the backrest. Perhaps my favourite of all of the bells and whistles, though, is a little dial on the side of the Hero TX which adjusts the amount of back support. Oh yes, it has built-in lumbar support which can be tailored to your preferences. Fancy.

Noblechairs Hero TX review

It does also come with a back support pillow, which you likely won’t need, and a head rest pillow which can be applied if you want. It’s a nice touch, but the chair is equally comfortable with or without, so it’s completely down to personal preferences whether you’ll get any use out of either.

The overall construction of the chair feels incredibly sturdy. It sports a steel frame and an aluminium base, so it’s very solid (and heavy). Its maximum weight limit is 150kg (330lbs), so even if you’re a big person you can feel secure and supported in the Noblechairs Hero TX. I’m pretty tall and wide, and there’s still plenty of room on the seat for my bum without armrests or anything else digging in.

Noblechairs Hero TX is pricy, there’s no doubt about that. But if you spend upwards of 8 hours a day sat at your desk, then your comfort is something that’s worth investing in. If you do have the budget for it, I’m confident in saying that you won’t be disappointed. This is the most comfortable and well-made office/gaming chair I’ve ever sat in, hands bums down.

The Hero TX is available directly from Noblechairs.

With thanks to Noblechairs’ PR for providing us with a chair for the purposes of this review.

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