Out Now, Returnal’s Ascension Update Adds Co-Op and an Endless Mode

Returnal review

Returnal: Ascension, the latest update for the time-looping sci-fi game is here, and it could put you through the wringer.

It might also see you get some much-needed assistance since there are, in fact, two new features introduced by this update. The first is a co-op mode which, while it’s sadly not split-screen, lets you take on Returnal’s alien beasties with one other player. The premise is that you’ve pulled a Selene from an other timeline, which does fit in with the game’s timey-wimey shenanigans.

Both players are tethered together, meaning if you both wander too far, you’ll be snapped back to the same location. If one player is downed the other can revive them so there’s at least one major boon to being on a leash. However, if you’ve played Returnal (check out our review here) you’ll know that combat can be so frantic you might not have the time to resurrect a fallen friend.

The second feature is the Tower of Sisyphus, which sees you ascending a vast alien tower, fighting off enemies as you go. How do you get to the top? You don’t. The tower just keeps going and going and going, though you do have to have recovered the Icarian Grapnel in single-player mode before you can access it. While you’ll never “win”, you’re scored on how far you get before Selene expires.

Returnal: Ascension is available now, provided of course you own the original PlayStation 5 Returnal. If it doesn’t download automatically, you’ll be prompted to install it next time you launch the game online.

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