Out This Month, The Elder Scrolls Online: Ascending Tide Kicks off the Legacy of the Bretons

The Elder Scrolls Online Ascending Tide Legacy of the Bretons

The Elder Scrolls Online just keeps on growing and the Ascending Tide DLC is the latest addition to this vast world is here.

Well, it is if you’ve got a PC, Mac or Google Stadia. If you’re on PlayStation or Xbox you’ll have to wait till March 29th, which is when the content arrives on those platforms. The pack, which is free to ESO Plus subscribers, or can be purchased separately, features new two new dungeons, Shipwright’s Regret and The Coral Aerie.

The latter sounds like it ties more into the Legacy of the Bretons story, but it’s the Shipwright’s Regret that’s got our attention. It’s an abandoned ship yard, filled with the undead who we’re hoping are the animated corpses of former workers. It’s not that we’ve got anything against shipwrights, but there’s something chilling about having to fight “regular” skeletons, people who were just out to feed their families.

You can also expect new loot, new challenges and much more as dive into Ascending Tide. The bigger narrative, the Legacy of the Britons, will be continued by June’s High Isle expansion which sees you delving into a little political intrigue, as well as exploring a totally new location.

You will, naturally, need the full version of The Elder Scrolls Online, available on PC, Stadia, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox, though if you’ve got Xbox Game Pass it’s free.