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Paradise Killer is Out Now on Xbox and PlayStation, And It’s Heavenly

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Some people will already know this, but Paradise Killer is a very special game.

Casting you as expert investigator, Lady Love Dies, Paradise Killer drops you into…. well, Paradise. It’s the 24th iteration of it, however, as none of the others have been quite as perfect as they should be. And this one isn’t either, thanks to all the members of the council who oversee it being murdered. And so that’s where you come in. Exiled many, many years ago, your skills are now required more than ever. So, you’re allowed back into Paradise, with the aim of finding out who killed the council.

With its colourful visuals, over-the-top characters and music that you can truly bop to, Paradise Killer is far away from your usual dark and depressing detective game. There’s a grisly crime to be solved, for sure, but that doesn’t mean you have to be so serious about it. While seeking out clues you can chat up those around you if you wish, or simply take time to explore the world, seeing what interesting items you can find. Everything is done at your pace, and it’s very refreshing.

Paradise Killer is also at peace with the fact that it’s a videogame. There are puzzles to solve to gain access to some parts of the game’s world, and also to uncover bits of evidence that might prove pivotal to your case. As as you travel here there and everywhere, you’ll be glad that you don’t suffer any fall damage considering how much verticality there is. It simply wants you to have fun and also use your brain from time to time.

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Perhaps the best thing about Paradise Killer, however, and what makes it the best investigation game available right now, is that it’s genuinely up to you who you point the finger at. This is your case, you’re in charge of gathering evidence. And so, when you feel like you’ve gathered enough evidence, you can pay a visit to the appointed Judge of Paradise and make your case. Chances are might be wrong unless you’ve been thorough, but that’s all a part of the fun.

Paradise Killer succeeds because it actually makes you feel like a detective, following up on clues and searching every nook and cranny for a breadcrumb of evidence that might just prove your case. You might have your mind set on someone being the killer, only for a new bit of evidence to come to light that totally changes your perspective. And making your way around its world to follow up on leads is made easy thanks to a fast travel system and a handy pair of AR glasses.

Previously only available on PC and Switch, more people can now experience the joy of leading their own investigation in Paradise Killer thanks to it landing on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. We’ve been hands-on with the PS5 version of the game and are confident in calling it the best way to experience it. You get 4K visuals at a silky smooth 60fps, and that’s with additional eye candy provided by ray tracing. Loading times are ultra-fast, too, allowing you spend more time snooping at less time waiting.

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The extra dimension you can’t get anywhere else when it comes to PS5, however, is DualSense support. Haptic feedback provides subtle sensations that draw you into the world a little further than anywhere else, and sounds coming out of the speaker seal the deal. The icing on the cake is the light ring around the touchpad changing colour in accordance to the day and night cycle. They’re little things, but they make a difference.

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The truth is though, no matter what format you’re playing on, now is undoubtedly the best time to play Paradise Killer. Why? Because to coincide with its release on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, new content has been added to all versions of the game. There are additional music tracks to be found, for example, giving you more tunes to bop to as you explore its world. There are new characters, quests, collectibles and rewards, too.

If you like the idea of getting to the bottom of a heinous crime in a world that’s bold and quite simply beautiful, be sure to give Paradise Killer a try. And while we’re singing the graces of the PS5 version, Xbox owners have something to be excited about. Paradise Killer has launched straight into Xbox Game Pass, so those who subscribe to the service can jump in and play it without having to spend any additional money. Who’d have thought you could enter Paradise for free, eh?

Paradise Killer is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC

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