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Point-and-Click Horror Sally Face is Getting a Boxed Switch Release

Sally Face

Sally Face, a point-and-click horror adventure featuring a boy with a prosthetic face, is getting a boxed Nintendo Switch release.

Though if you’re thinking of forking out for one of the boxed copies, be warned: this is not a game for the faint of heart.

More so than some jump scare-centric titles, Sally Face is often downright horrific, though sometimes heart-warming too. We dove into it last year, calling it “.. an intriguing and disturbing adventure that you’ll struggle to put down.”

We’re not going to reveal more than that; half the fun of Sally Face is discovering just how messed up Sal’s world is, across five unsettling episodes. Super Rare Games is handling its physical release and will be delivering three versions of the game. There’s a standard edition, a steelbook edition and a special edition featuring an embroidered Sally Face patch, a Super Gear Boy pin, a soundtrack CD, 6 polaroid photos, and an A3 poster.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll end up sticking the Sally Face patch in a drawer along with the ones that came with the special edition of the abysmal Aliens: Colonial Marines but the rest of the items seem pretty cool.

They come in limited quantities but if you’re reasonably fast off the mark you’ll be able to purchase them from Super Rare Games’ store this 10th March at 6pm GMT/1pm ET/10am PT.

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