Sker Ritual’s Developer Has Shed More Light on the Co-Op Horror FPS

Sker Ritual Screenshot_02 (1)

Sker Ritual, a co-op semi-sequel to Maid of Sker, is currently in the works and developer Wales Interactive has revealed a little more about what to expect.

It still hasn’t announced a third entry in the series, Sker Tactics, but we can wait. The original Maid of Sker, a Welsh-influenced solo horror title, launched in 2020 and while we weren’t that impressed, we remarked that it “..has the groundwork of something that could be wonderfully scary.” So we’d very much like to see Sker Ritual (announced last year) make the most out of the gloomy setting.

According to Wales Interactive, the location in question, the Sker Hotel, has stepped into the 20th Century (it takes place in the 1900s) but it won’t be limited to the hotel itself. You’ll also get to roam The Cursed Lands of Lavernock, which includes a fishing village and an underground laboratory. Yes, it’s starting to sound a bit like a Welsh Resident Evil but we’d be okay with that.

Wave-based co-op is the focus, but Sker Ritual will still sport a single-player mode, though it may still require you to be online. We’re hoping the game compensates for there being fewer players, otherwise it could be a short experience. You will, at least, be able to pick up new weapons at The Laughing Policemen, a horribly cursed munitions-dispensing booth.

You can find out more from Wales Interactive’s Steam developer blog here. We’ll definitely dip into this one, if only to see whether the Quiet Ones (Maid of Sker’s foes) are as scary when you’ve got the business end of a shotgun in their faces. Sker Ritual is set for a Q2 2022 release, landing on PC via Steam.