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Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 Sees You Taking on the Nazis This May

Sniper Elite 5 now has a May release date and a pre-order bonus that sees you assassinating Hitler yet again.

That’s not to say we’d ever turn down the opportunity to ventilate the Nazi leader’s brainpan, but how about letting us have go at Joseph Goebbels? Hitler’s propaganda minister is equally deserving of a little virtual vengeance. Maybe developer Rebellion is saving that one for Sniper Elite 6.

Sniper Elite 5 sees you hunting down an Axis mastermind, Abelard Möller, who has a plan that, even with the enemy on the run, could turn the tide of the war. It’s your job to cripple Operation Kraken, which definitely isn’t Hydra, and make sure the Nazis get their just desserts.

We knew Sniper Elite 5 was turning up some time this year, but it now has a confirmed release date of May 26th.. The series is famed for the graphic kills you can inflict on enemies, watching in slow-mo as a bullet shreds their insides, but sports an interesting new feature this year. Invasion mode will let you enter other people’s games as a rival sniper, even rallying AI-controlled soldiers to your aid.

As for the Hitler-murdering mission, Target Fuhrer: Wolf Mountain, it’ll be free to those who pre-order the game, either digitally or physically. You can check out the non work-safe trailer here and get your hands on Sniper Elite 5 when it launches this May 26th on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 & 5 and PC. It’ll also land on Xbox Game Pass the same day.

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