Snowboarding Sim Shredders Slides Onto Xbox, PC and Xbox Game Pass This Month


Shredders is not, as it turns out, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game that sees you taking on a multiverse-worth of enemies.

But it does promise to deliver some fun snowboarding shenanigans when it arrives in a couple of weeks time. It sports an unlockable open world, which might seem like a contradiction, but once you’ve proved your snowboarding mastery you’ll be able to roam free.

Because, while you might think of snowboarding as just soaring down slopes on a skateboard that’s had the wheels stolen, there’s much, more to it. Shredders will have you performing all manner of tricks, roaming a winter wonderland that’s suspiciously devoid of people.

Then again, the absence of other people means there’s no-one to shout at you when, as seen in the trailer, you grind down the rails on a posh office block’s roof. And there’s nobody to stop you hurling yourself off a massive mountain slope. In short, the world’s your cold, powdery oyster.

That said, Shredders (which also supports multiplayer) will be going up against the excellent Rider’s Republic. It may well be that Shredders specialisation, plus the fact it looks absolutely gorgeous in action, is enough to make it stand out.

You can dive into Shredders when it launches this March 17th, landing on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and, free to subscribers, Xbox Game Pass.